With the increase in domestic resources of non-ferrous metals such as copper scrap and aluminum scrap, as well as the increase in environmental protection pressure, the cost difference between scrap metal and some raw materials in the traditional long-process smelting process will increase. From a cost perspective, the use of scrap metal will further increase, and it will still play an important role in improving efficiency and reducing consumption. How to increase the use of scrap metal has become a difficult problem for non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises.


WINNER has launched an electromagnetic air energy heat exchange system to increase the amount of scrap metal and reduce the amount of non-ferrous metal raw materials based on the current situation of customers, combined with the actual situation of equipment, process and environmental protection requirements. Protect the mineral resources of non-ferrous metals. The working process of the electromagnetic air energy heat exchange system is roughly summarized as follows: the combustible exhaust gas and waste heat produced by the non-ferrous metal smelting enterprise are fully burned in the high-temperature combustion chamber, and the hot flue gas after combustion enters the settling chamber to settle and pass through the dust removal purification system , The high-temperature flue gas air is cleaner, and then the high-temperature flue gas enters the electromagnetic conveying system through the pipe to preheat the scrap copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, ores and coke inside. The flue gas after the temperature is lowered still has waste heat, so We re-enter the dust removal and purification system through the power system, which can recycle waste heat, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce fuel use.


WINNER electromagnetic air energy heat exchange system can not only be used for preheating scrap copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, but also for viscous materials (usually refers to the screening of ≥3mm or more, and the water content is less than 20%. In the difficult area of ​​screening, because viscous materials are not conducive to screening, electromagnetic air energy heat exchange equipment can be used to dry the wet and viscous materials before screening, which can ensure the screening efficiency and improve the utilization rate of raw materials. For example, the raw material lump ore, coke, coke powder, coke, pulverized coal, limestone, etc. required by the steel plant can be used in sewage treatment, domestic garbage and other occasions that need to be dried. It can also be used for preheating coal power generation in power plants.


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