Product introduction:

The electromagnetic direct injection steel scrap continuous preheating system is a continuous scrap preheating equipment jointly developed by WINNER and Northeastern University. It is used in ironworks, steel plants (steelmaking, refining workshops) and other production links to achieve continuous scrap steel Conveying, continuous preheating, and continuous discharging make the operation process continuous and convenient, and the heat energy loss is small, avoiding safety hazards during the preheating process of scrap steel. At the same time, the flue gas generated during the preheating process can be recovered, and the secondary use can increase the combustion air and gas temperature It saves energy and greatly reduces environmental pollution during the preheating process. The entire preheating process can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which is more conducive to the smelting requirements of multiple processes such as converters, refining furnaces, and blast furnaces, improves production efficiency, and solves environmental pollution. problem.

Electromagnetic direct injection scrap continuous preheating furnace


Scope of application:

This system has a wide range of applications. The preheated steel scrap is suitable for supplying iron ditch, hot metal tank, scrap bucket, converter, electric arc furnace, ladle, LF refining furnace and other stations. It can also be customized according to user requirements.



1) Continuous feeding, continuous preheating, and continuous discharging realize full continuous operation;

2) High thermal efficiency, good preheating effect, scrap steel temperature can reach above 800℃;

3) The temperature distribution in the system is uniform, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower layers is less than 50℃;

4) The feeding speed of electromagnetic direct injection is fast, ≥8m/min, which can meet the fast-paced production requirements of enterprises;

5) Adopt intelligent control module to effectively control oxidation burn loss;

6) Meet the future development needs of 500kg/t steel with iron consumption;

7) Compared with the traditional continuous preheating system, the investment is less and the effect is quicker;

8) The environmental load is small, and green energy saving and environmental protection are realized.


Product Series:

According to the needs of different users, WINNER  and major domestic universities have jointly developed different series of products, including A-type, B-type and C-type products, to meet the customization requirements of different users.


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