With the increase of scrap resources and the increasing pressure on environmental protection, major steel companies have begun to focus on increasing the scrap ratio, increasing production and efficiency, and the future use of scrap will increase further!


How to improve the use of scrap and balance the impact of scrap and molten iron on cost and consumption?  We have to be more refined in electric furnace and converter smelting with taking equipment and actual process into consideration. From the current situation, the appropriate scrap ratio is very important for the overall benefits of the company.


preheat the scrap

The electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system independently developed by Winner is an advanced continuous hot charging system for scrap steel. The scrap steel is preheated through the gas from the feeding section to the preheating section (according to the gas supply provided by the steel mill, high converter gas kiln). Improve thermal energy efficiency and heating efficiency.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

The system is clean, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.Winner has designed three lines in a steel plant in Hubei province, China, two lines for a 120-ton refining furnace, one line along the railway line. By using the electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system of Winner, the efficiency can be increased by 40% compared with the original cold steel (unheated cold scrap). Its economic benefits are significant, and the smelting time of the furnace is greatly reduced.


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