Construction and Municipal mixed waste separation plant

The Construction and Municipal mixed waste separation plant built on 2016, its handling capacity is 50 tons per hour. It mainly designs for separating soil, bricks, light materials, etc.

waste separation plant

According to the characteristics of large materials, lots rebars, complicated composition and miscellaneous debris and muck in the construction and demolition waste, Winner Group specially developed a series of equipment for construction and demolition waste according to the characteristics of materials and experience of previous projects.


construction and demolition waste

Many of the following equipment are a patented product of Winner Group which is customized develop and research for the specific materials of construction and demolition waste. These devices can firstly meet the basic functions, and also meet the particularity requirement of construction and demolition waste disposal process because of the construction waste disposal line are generally in the city center or the edge area and the high requirement of environmental protection.

Construction and Municipal mixed waste separation plant

Winner Group is considered this designed solution in terms of the product recycling and continuous operation. It can firstly meet the requirement of back-end product partion size and cleanliness, and can also continuous operation to meet the production demands. If you want to know more, welcome to contact with us: Email:


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