A steel mill in Tangshan once again chooses Winner Composite Frequency Screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-05-08

Winner has been focusing on the field of screening and sorting for more than 60 years. With years of experience in screening and processing, it has deeply explored the pain points of customers and launched an environmentally friendly Composite Frequency Screen in 2014 after painstaking research and development. Relying on its comprehensive advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, easy maintenance, and reducing customer production costs, the Composite Frequency Screen breaks the traditional screening concept as soon as it is launched, attracting the attention of countless customers and winning the trust of many customers' like.


Composite Frequency Screen

Recently, a sinter plant in Tangshan has undergone industrial upgrading. It is worth mentioning that the customer chose the Winner Composite Frequency Screen in December 2014. Since the use of the Composite Frequency Screen, the production site environment has changed and the equipment has zero failures. The customer is very satisfied with the Composite Frequency Screen. Therefore, the customer recently upgraded and rebuilt the production line, and once again chose the Winner Composite Frequency Screen, and delivered nearly 10 million orders to Winner shares!



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