The core of Xiaomeng UNIT lies in "digital flexible tooling". It can build models, form molds, and complete tooling production independently under the conditions of faster time and lower cost. It has strong performance in product upgrade, process improvement, and new product launch. adaptability.

Xiaomeng UNIT has the function of "machine learning". It is a flexible production unit based on "industrial Internet" and under "process big data". It can independently generate similar workpieces based on the process data of existing workpieces. Tooling and welding procedures, so as to achieve the effect of simplified programming and teaching-free.

Different from the limitations of traditional craftsmanship and the curability of traditional tooling, Xiaomeng UNIT can select the corresponding clamping tools in a targeted and flexible manner according to the specific needs of the tooling, and quickly build a tooling model on a specific working platform, and then proceed smoothly. For the subsequent butt joint and welding work, after the batch welding task is completed, the disassembly of the tooling is automatically completed and can be recycled.

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