Why vibrating screen has strong shock?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

The vibration screen is through the exciter vibration causes the material motion on the screen, the screen surface material through multi-layer screening, material of different sizes through the sieve into each outlet, vibrating screen in the work process, often affected by the bearing to make the screen machine vibrate strongly, mainly by the following five factors:


1. Eccentric vibration of vibration exciter

As is the reason of vibration exciter, the eccentric weight increased, the amplitude adjustment. Such as motor vibration, amplitude adjustable eccentric block angle on the ends of the shaft to change the size of the exciting force, small angle, vibration amplitude becomes larger and larger. On the contrary, the angle becomes big, exciting force small amplitude becomes smaller. The shaft eccentric vibrator, increase the flywheel and the counterweight counterweight belt wheel, in order to increase or decrease the amplitude of vibrating screen machine.


2. Bearing radial clearance

Through the bearing test results of vibrating screen shows that the radial clearance is too small or too large bearings will cause large vibration system. When the radial clearance is too small, can cause high frequency vibration; when the radial clearance is too large, will cause the low frequency vibration.


3. Geometric accuracy of bearing

Vibrating screen excitation force is too large, it will lead to the bearing will be very large radial force, resulting in strong shock. The higher the bearing accuracy, the smaller the vibration.


4. Bearing friction and lubrication

The bearing is the main vibration source of vibrating screen is difficult to control, vibrating screen is to rely on a large exciting force to maintain the work, so the bearing will be subject to a large radial force, the vibration screen in the process of work, the huge excitation force will cause the elastic vibration of the bearing system. If the lubrication is bad, then have greater friction, so that the bearing temperature rise too fast too high, thermal expansion is too large, the radial clearance is significantly reduced, and then increased the friction temperature will further increase.


5. Outer ring in conjunction with supporting hole

The matching of the outer ring and the supporting hole will affect the vibration transmission. If the tight fit, the deformation of the raceway will be forced, the shape error will be increased, and the shock will be increased. Loose fit can hinder the oil film in the gap.


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