Product Introduction:

1. Aggregate production can be simply summarized as crushing and sorting, mainly from the conveyor, feeding, crushing, screening, sand and other aspects of aggregate production line introduced aggregate.

2. The choice of crushing equipment depends on the characteristics of ore raw materials, the local market demand for gravel products and production capacity of the production line.

3. Aggregate production line production process is as follows:

1) Large stone by the silo by the vibrating feeder evenly sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, coarse crushed stone by the conveyor belt to the impact crusher for further crushing.

2) Crushed stone by the belt conveyor Sent to the vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different specifications of the stone, meet the requirements of the size of the stone conveyor belt conveyor, the finished product sent to finished heap.

3) Do not meet the requirements of stone by the conveyor belt back to the impact crusher to break again to form closed-loop multiple cycles.

4) Finished particle size can be combined in accordance with the needs of users and grading, to protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.


Sand & Stone Production Line

Auxiliary equipment:

1) Vibrating feeding equipment.

This type of vibrating feeder can continuously feed the material to the crusher continuously and make rough screening of the materials.


2) Crusher.

According to the broken principle can be divided into two categories: extrusion crusher and impact crusher. Extrusion crusher (such as gyratory crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher) is suitable for rock with high hardness and abrasive index (such as granite, quartz, diabase, basalt).

Impact crusher (such as the impact crusher, vertical shaft crusher, hammer impact crusher) to adapt to the hardness, abrasion index medium or low rock (such as limestone, dolomite, etc.).


3) Circular screen/vibrating screen---sieve the crushed stone into different sizes.


4) Sand making equipment, mainly vertical shaft sand or rod mill.

a. Vertical axis form of sand making machine:

Sand making machine is widely used in a variety of fine ore broken. Sand making machine is widely used in medium and fine crushing fields of various hard and special hard materials such as ore, cement, refractory material, bauxite clinker, emery, glass raw material.

b. Rod mill:

Rod mill is mainly used for preparation of sand. The material is raised to a certain height, falling state was dropped, the need for grinding of the material from the feeding Department of continuous into the cylinder, the grinding of the grinding medium is moving, and through the overflow and the power of continuous feeding the product out of the machine for the next processing step.

c. Screw classifier:

Screw classifier used for the production of gravel in the process of particle size grading, and used in conjunction with mining machinery. Screw classifier Widely used in the ore dressing and ball mill with a closed loop, diversion of ore, or for gravimetric ore in the classification of ore and fine mud, and metal mineral processing process for particle size grading, and washing operations in the deslimation, dehydration and so on. The spiral classifier has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation. Also used for gravel operations in the deslimation or dehydration.

Sand & Stone Production Line


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