1. Drilling mud vibrating screen is the core equipment used for drilling mud purification.

2. According to the actual use of drilling engineering, combined with on-site practical experience, developed a flexible and efficient simple drilling mud shaker.

3. Through the field application, received a good effect.


Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.


Operating Principle:

Drilling mud vibrating screen is a solid control equipment in the drilling mud solid control system, is to deal with the back from the bottom of the mud up to 74 μ m above the solid particles of mud.(Solid phase with drilling fluid greater than 74 μm is not good for drilling fluid performance.)The device uses a vibration motor, according to the principle of self-synchronization to achieve a sieve box in a certain direction of linear motion.



Slurry vibrating screen is mainly composed of hydraulic lifting device, vibration motor, screen box, explosion-proof switch, base, logging well, screen and other components.

1. Slurry vibrating screen box: Screen box screen, horizontal tension, using bolts tighten. Safe and reliable damage to the screen is not easy, this structure is reliable, easy to operate.

2. Slurry vibrating screen power unit: composed of two exciting motors and excitation beams, easy installation and maintenance.


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