Municipal Solid Waste Composting Procedure

With the development of urbanization, the problem of municipal solid waste has attracted more and more attention. The use of organic ingredients in the garbage for composting is a resource-based waste disposal. After the composting of household waste, it can meet the requirements of harmlessness, and can return organic matter to nature, re-use of resources.


equipment for waste composting


Municipal solid waste composting is to make part of the municipal solid waste in the non-degradable inorganic matter, control of certain conditions, so that under the action of microorganisms, degradation into stable humus, can be implemented in farmland modifier and fertilizers , is a stable organic matter harmless treatment methods. The aerobic composting process consists of feed, pre-treatment, ingredients, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, post-treatment, deodorization and storage. It has the advantages of short fermentation period, high harmlessness, good hygienic condition and easy mechanization operation and so on.


waste composting


Municipal solid waste composting treatment procedure:

1. Feed:

Garbage truck into the processing plant, after the weighbridge, unloading into the pre-treatment workshop of the pool, the raw material pool capacity to ensure that the storage capacity of one day. The leachate flows into the water collecting well after the raw material is fed, from the sewage pump to the sewage pool reserves, fermentation materials can be used to adjust the water content.

2. Pre-treatment:


pre treatment for waste composting

3. Municipal solid waste composting & granulating:


municipal solid waste composting


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