Domestic Garbage Is Also a Resource

In our daily life, we throw out a lot of household garbage everyday. At present, most cities use landfill methods to treat domestic garbage. The cost of landfill is very high, and the cost of processing 1 ton of garbage is about 30 US dollars to 45 US dollars. In addition, there are problems such as land resource occupation, pollution of air, surface water and groundwater.


Garbage sorting can classify waste at the source and re-convert it into resources through classified clean-up and recycling. The classification of domestic garbage can reduce the amount of garbage disposal and processing equipment, reduce the processing cost, reduce the consumption of land resources, and have the advantages of social, economic and ecological benefits. The advantages of waste sorting are as follows:

1. Reducing land occupation: Some substances in domestic garbage are not easily degraded, so that the land is severely eroded and classified, and substances that can be recycled and not easily degraded are removed, and the amount of garbage is reduced by more than 50%;

2. Reducing environmental pollution: discarded batteries contain metallic mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances, which will cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil will lead to crop yield reduction; discarded waste plastics are eaten by animals, leading to animal death Accidents occur sometimes, so recycling can reduce the hazard;

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3. Turning waste into treasure: For example: China uses 4 billion plastic fast food boxes every year, 500-700 million instant noodle bowls, waste plastics account for 4-7% of domestic garbage, and 600 kg of diesel can be recycled from 0.1 tons of waste plastics. For 1,500 tons of waste paper, trees that can produce 1,200 tons of paper can be eliminated. The 0.1 ton cans can be melted to form 1 ton of high quality aluminum, which can replace mining 20 tons of aluminum ore. 30%-40% of domestic waste can be recycled. Therefore, we should cherish the resources of this small profit.


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