A Brief Introduction of City Waste Management

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

The main components of city waste (municipal solid waste) include food, paper, glass, plastic, metal and some hazardous waste from batteries, rubber, pesticide containers and others.


The city waste management project should consider the proportions of the waste. The proportions of these components vary according to the standard of living, the nature of the climate and many other factors. In some cities, food and paper waste account for a high percentage of household and commercial waste, up to thirty four percent and thirty two percent respectively. The remaining components of such as metals, or plastics, glass, wood and rubber, Paper waste accounts for about forty five percent of the weight of household solid waste due to the high use of paper in the packaging of products.


city waste management


The city waste management landfills work site usually located in the far distance area about several kilometers from the city center. This waste site is intended for the reception of municipal solid waste only and prevent the reception of the medical, industrial and hazardous waste of all kinds. The total area of landfill area is surrounded by a guard fence. A project to implement of a prefabricated concrete wall will start in addition to the implementation of two main gates for transporting trucks.


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