Composite Frequency Screen-XC solves screening problem of wet sticky

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-01-20

During transportation and screening, wet sticky lump ore is prone to bond to each other, difficult to loose or adhere to the surface of the screen plate, causing the screen surface to block holes, reducing the screening area and reducing the screening efficiency. In particular, lump ore is not easy to loosen, not easy to stratify, forming agglomerates and overall movement, which will make the screening process difficult to complete.

Composite Frequency Screen-XC

Winner innovated and developed a new type of screening equipment Composite Frequency Screen-XC, which successfully solved the above-mentioned major technical difficulties in screening wet sticky lump ore. Once the equipment was launched, it was favored by many steel companies.

Under normal circumstances, the lump ore has high viscosity, loosening and stratification become difficult, and the fluidity of the lump ore becomes poor. At this time, it is necessary to have a large enough acceleration between the lump ore and the screen to make it possible to quickly separate the lump ore. Layer, so that the lump ore becomes loose. However, acceleration alone is not enough. The particle penetration process of wet sticky lump ore requires space and time. If the screen surface vibrates too fast, lump ore cannot be thrown up and cannot be screened.

Winner's innovative Composite Frequency Screen-XC uses large amplitude, large vibration intensity, low vibration frequency and high elasticity polyurethane anti-blocking sieve plate to complete the screening process of wet sticky lump ore. The speed of throwing up lumps is 2.72 times larger than that of ordinary vibrating screens. The inertial force generated by ordinary vibrating screens is 3.23 times that of gravity, and the inertial force generated by multi-frequency screen-XC is 22.85 times that of gravity, and the screen plate breaks away from adhesion. The force is 7 times that of ordinary sieve.



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