Beijing Waste Transfer Station Reconstruction Project

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-11-08

Beijing Daxing Waste Transfer Station is one of the renovation project made by WINNER. The original process of Beijing Daxing Waste Transfer Station was designed in 2018. After years of operation and the current changes in the composition of municipal solid waste, the sorting equipment of the transfer station cannot meet the current needs, so there is an urgent need for transformation.


municipal solid waste

With the advanced waste sorting technology and the non-standard customized production capability, WINNER provided the plan of optimization and modification to Beijing Daxing Transfer Station successfully. The transfer station mainly sorts municipal solid waste, and the main equipment includes apron feeder, uniform spreader, bag opener, trommel, winnowing machine, ballistic separator, and two-way unloading chain belt machine.
Let’s take a look at the highlight of the project details:
1. The material is mainly transferred by belt conveyor. The two-way unloading chain belt conveyor is used at the end of the production line, because the material after screening falls from a high place. If an ordinary belt conveyor is used, it is easy to be heavy in the material. Objects or sharp materials are damaged, and the load-bearing capacity of the conveyor belt is limited. If local overload occurs, the equipment is easily damaged, and the two-way unloading chain belt conveyor solves this problem well.
2. The municipal solid waste is dumped by the transfer vehicle onto the apron feeder, and is distributed on the belt conveyor through the uniform spreader to the bag opener. After the material passes through the bag opener, the bulk material falls to the conveyor belt, and the material is loaded into the trommel to be sorted out the material less than 20mm and the material less than 80mm are respectively transferred into the open top container and transported to the treatment site.
3. The oversize material enters the winnowing machine to sort out the light materials such as plastic into the baler for packaging and convenient transportation and processing. The wind sorting machine technology of WINNER is very mature, and the wind selection rate can reach up to 75% and more.
4. The heavy material enters the compressor through the uniform spreader and the two-way discharge belt conveyor, and is compressed and transferred to the terminal processing site through the compression box. A magnetic separator is arranged at the interface of the conveyor belt to sort out the magnetic substances in the garbage for resource treatment.
5. The whole sorting line adopts an automatic control system, which can monitor the operation of the equipment at any time. It has the functions of fault alarm and shutdown, one-click start and stop of the whole line, so that the customer can realize the use efficiency of domestic garbage in the intelligent and mechanized production process. After sorting with precision, the domestic garbage mixed with materials is sorted into relatively pure materials such as magnetic materials, plastics, muck and organic matter, and the recycling and reduction of domestic garbage are realized.


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