Circular economy is imperative

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-12-21

“To protect the ecological environment like protecting the eyes, To treat the ecological environment like our life”has entered a new era. With the rapid development of the social economy, the increasing number of items are not only various types of goods, but also the ranks of household waste are growing in the spring of development. The recycling of waste has become an important part of the development of circular economy.


Waste classification is not just a physical demolition, but also a change in the concept of life.In many places, the classification of Waste is simply equated with setting up a trash can with “recyclable” and “non-recyclable”. The classifier is not seen before, and the classifier is not seen.People who have not seen the classification before, and then do not see the classification staff. Once the standards are blurred, the public will be overwhelmed.These are just a few of the problems in how domestic waste is better handled and utilized.Along with the increasing demand for resources, the mines were dug flat, and a bit of oil wells were mined, but one after another was a waste mountain.The accumulation of domestic waste is getting bigger and bigger, and the traditional landfill disposal method can not solve the problems currently facing.Therefore, it is necessary to do the industry that recycles and recycles domestic waste, and the processing equipment and processing technology are perfected to cope with various problems brought about by it.


domestic waste sorting


Now WINNER Group responds to the development of circular economy proj ects, and is committed to the construction of waste recycling, domestic waste sorting, sewage sludge treatment, waste lithium battery treatment, technical research in the field of soil remediation, and the use of screening, points Focusing on the core competitiveness of the technology, focusing on the four characters of“smart, efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection”, we provide complete technical solutions and complete sets of equipment for various solid waste treatment and recycling projects under the circular economy.The company has always followed the concept of “no green and no research and development”. The product development and upgrades all revolve around “green”. The company has accumulated more than 60 years of precipitation, and has mastered the mature screening and sorting technology, and has the ability to effectively solve the environmental protection needs of customers' products.


Therefore, while changing our concepts, we must continue to promote the development of recycling and recycling. This is also an imperative path.


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