Combine the advantages different screens to impove screening

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-12-21

The Linear Banana Flip-flow screen developed by Winner is a new screening equipment which is suitable for coal, coal chemical, electric power, coke, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. It is specially used for screening small particles and wet adhesive materials. The screening device combines the advantages of traditional flip-flow screen and banana screen.


The Linear Banana Flip-flow screen is a basic vibration generated by a vibration exciter driven frame, and the vibration generated by the floating frame is a vibration, and the they are relatively vibrated. Both ends of the elastic polyurethane screen decks are mounted on the fixed frame and the floating frame beam to expand and contract to achieve a higher acceleration of the screen surface, which can prevent the screen mesh from being blocked.


Linear Banana Flip-flow screen


There are eight advantages of the Linear Banana Flip-flow screen:

1. It need less time reaching higher acceleration;

2. The opening rate is higher;

3. The elastic deformation of the sieve plate is favorable for the sieve;

4. The screen deck is self-cleaning;

5. The screen can make the agglomerated materials reasonably layered and dispersed;

6. It is easy to operate and easy to repair;

7. Excellent Energy saving effect;

8. It Realizes the screening of fine-grained materials and improves the efficiency of finished products.


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