Common Causes of Motor Burnout and Preventive Measures

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Vibration motor burnout can be considered more common faults in the use of vibrating screen, there are some common causes and safeguard measures.

1. Eccentric block adjustment problem

When adjusting the eccentric block, the direction of the eccentric block at both ends is mistakenly reversed, so that the vibration motor produces a space torque and the vibration motor in the abnormal state of work, resulting in burning. Therefore, adjust the eccentric block, we must pay attention to its symmetry, eccentric block at both ends of the center of gravity cable to be parallel with the shaft, and can not be different state.


vibration motor


2. The protective cover of the problem

As the vibration of the motor working environment is complex, and there is dust, if the protective cover is not strict, it is easy to dust, causing eccentric block friction operation, and thus burn the motor. So in the harsh working environment, one should increase the protective cover, and two should always clean up the dust inside the protective cover.


3. The heat problem

Ordinary motor with a fan, the work of the wind down the chassis along the vertical tendons flow, not only faster heat, but also clear the dust above, so that the motor in a good state of work. The this motor due to there is not fan cooling, thanks to natural cooling, coupled with the complex working environment, dust, dust easily in the motor surface accumulation, causing the internal temperature is too high, burn the motor.

1. Always remove the vibrating screen vibration motor surface dust, so that it works under good conditions.

2. In the design process, it surface should be as smooth as possible, so that dust is not easy to accumulate.


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