Common Problems and Solutions of Medical Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-06-15

The medical ultrasonic vibrating sieve is an extension of the rotary vibrating screen, which is designed to solve the problem that the fine powder material is easy to block the sieve net during the sieving process. After the material is put into the screen surface, it will move according to the vibration of the device itself. At the same time, the screen is affected by the high frequency and low amplitude ultrasonic vibration wave of the ultrasonic screening system, so that the material is suspended on the screen surface to solve the sticky network, adsorption, clustering, static electricity, light weight and other screening problems.


medical ultrasonic vibrating sieve

1. Screen net is easy to damage.

Medical ultrasonic vibrating sieve grid used for the adhesive structure, under normal circumstances the screen is not easy to damage, such as when we use the screen often broken, need to check whether our sieve machine is equipped with a buffer device at the inlet. The material is too large to make the screen net at full capacity for a long time, it will make the screen damage.


2. Seals is easy to damage.

When the seal is installed to the sieve frame, check whether the installation site has prominent parts, at the same time pay attention to the tension around to be consistent, uneven tension will be the seal force uneven, it will cause damage to the seal.

3. Screen net degumming.

Degumming phenomenon generally appear in the process of replacing the screen net itself, due to sticky network drying time is not enough. Under normal circumstances adhesive grid in winter to dry 8 hours, the summer need to dry for 4 hours.


4. Screen net tension degree is not enough.

Screen net tension degree is related to the sieve accuracy, when encountered this problem, you can use a specific installation tools to solve.


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