Composite Frequency Screen-C

Author: Winner   Time: 2023-11-08

Recently, Winner Group has launched a new product-a powerful screening tool for viscous materials, composite frequency screen-C.

Composite-frequency sieve-C is mainly used in a variety of industries for viscous materials (usually refers to sieving ≥3mm) with moisture of <20%, such as lump ore, coke powder, coke, coal powder, limestone, etc. ,


It can be applied to the screening of fine materials (usually refers to the screening of >1.5mm or more), and the material temperature is <70°C. For example; lime powder after lime kiln, etc.,


It can be applied to the screening of soil and impurities in the garbage disposal system, etc.



Composite-frequency sieve


Working principle: The regular movement produced by the high-amplitude vibration exciter drives the upper and lower rows of shear springs. Due to the difference in displacement between the primary vibrating screen box and the secondary floating screen frame, they are regularly approached and farther away, and finally the screen panel is used for relaxation movement, this kind of movement not only causes continuous deformation of the screen holes, but also greatly increases the vibration intensity of the screen surface, thereby effectively overcoming the blockage of the screen holes and significantly improving the processing capacity of the screen.


The technical advantages of the product:

1.Sectional vibration is good for spreading and screening.

2.Variable frequency and amplitude can vary for each section.

3.The angle can be adjusted within a certain range.

4.The screen has greater acceleration, which is more conducive to the screening of viscous materials.

5.More energy saving and environmental protection.



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