Current status of construction waste

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-08-23

We often say that construction waste refers to the demolition waste of old buildings and construction waste.

 The amount of demolition waste generated by the old building is larger than that of the construction. The composition of the old building is related to the structure of the building: in the old brick-concrete structure, bricks and rubble account for about 80%, and the rest are wood and broken glass, lime, slag, etc. The old buildings demolished at this stage are mostly brick-concrete structures; For the construction of abandoned frames and shear wall structures, concrete blocks account for about 50% to 60%, and the rest are metals, bricks, blocks, plastic products, etc. Old industrial plants and building are representative of such buildings. As time goes by, the level of construction is getting higher and higher, and the composition of the old building's demolition waste will change. The main components are changed from bricks and rubble to concrete blocks.


construction waste


The content of various components of construction waste produced by buildings of different structure types is different, and its basic composition is the same, mainly consisting of soil, muck, scattered mortar and concrete, masonry and concrete fragments produced by chiseling, and piling , the reinforced concrete pile head, scrap metal materials, bamboo wood, waste generated by decoration, various packaging materials and other wastes.


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