Dimension control needs to practice "seeing six ways, hearing all directions"

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-12-16

In common manufacturing and processing enterprises, I believe everyone has seen this kind of scene: "Everyone should work carefully with the size and avoid oversize". Such a familiar quality reminder, but does being careful mean that the size is not oversize? How to cultivate the eye-catching eye of machine tool processing?

 Maybe we are used to this phenomenon. In many production sites, in the specific operation of the workpiece, some team leaders often say a few mantras, "Everyone work a little snack, turn on the machine tool, pay attention to the amount of feed, slow down, and be careful about the size. "Never explain the specific processing technology, so that some operators do not know how to do the workpiece, to what extent, and what speed to use.

Through the collection and analysis of big data, WINNER shares some rules and experiences to share with you.

First of all, we must pay attention to the teaching and learning of the processing technology of machine tool parts, use it flexibly, and be clear about the vehicle condition, ambient temperature, workpiece hardness, etc., and adjust according to the actual situation in combination with the basic requirements of the process. Perform data collection and analysis under the temperature change of the temperature difference to find the average value of the temperature difference to the size error. The application in the actual operation process can reduce the number of rework of machined parts, and better control the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, so that the workpiece can be obtained Better control.

For vehicle conditions: the lower the speed, the smaller the error between the workpiece temperature and the ambient temperature. When the feed rate is proportional to the speed, the size of the workpiece can be better controlled. Careful observation and calculation of each workpiece in the early stage of processing are for the following Find the regularity of the size ending to ensure that the size is qualified once. Being good at summarizing and sharing at work is an effective way to strengthen team building, and an effective measure to cultivate "eyes and eyes."

We always set the first pass rate to the highest. Why? In World War II, the pass rate of a parachute manufacturing factory in the United States increased from 99% to 99.9%, but the military was still dissatisfied and required the production personnel to board the plane for the test. As a result, the pass rate was maintained at 100%. If we set an acceptable level of what should not happen, it will always exist; but when it is not accepted, it will naturally disappear. If you want to do everything well, you must say goodbye to "almost" and do the work right once and for all, starting with the bits and pieces of details.


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