Distributing sieve-Y, one to many

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-12-16

Distribution screen-Y is a new type of screening equipment developed and upgraded by WINNER for the screening of materials less than 200 mesh (less than 0.075mm). It can be widely used in the control and classification of concentrate particle size of iron ore, ilmenite, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum ore, niobium ore, quartz sand, feldspar ore and kaolin.

Distributed sieve-Y adopts the principle of linear motion, and the linear vibration generated by the high-frequency excitation source rotating in the opposite direction makes the whole multi-layer sieve plate move in unison along the length direction of the sieve plate. The 7.5G gravitational acceleration generated by high-frequency linear motion makes the material conveying speed fast, and the accelerated slurry forms a thin layer on the entire screen surface, especially the large-grained material is conveyed faster and stays on the screen surface for a shorter time. In addition, multiple sieve plates are stacked in parallel on the same vibrating screen frame to increase the screening area and processing capacity. Distribution screen-Y is actually multiple single-layer fine screens integrated on one machine, and its effective feeding width is the sum of the widths of multiple single-layer screens.

main feature: 

1. High vibration frequency and low amplitude can effectively reduce the surface tension of the pulp, which is beneficial to the separation and stratification of fine and heavy materials, and accelerates the screening of fine and heavy materials.

2. Multi-channel feeding, high utilization rate of screen surface, large equipment processing capacity and low power consumption.

3. Adjustable vibration exciter and wear-resistant sieve plate are adopted, which is advanced in design, reliable and durable.

4. The screen frame is supported by rubber springs, vibration isolation and sound absorption, low noise, small dynamic load of equipment, and no need for large concrete foundation.

5. Polymer wear-resistant sieve plate or stainless steel laminated sieve can be selected according to material requirements.

Distributed sieve-Y, one set can be used for multiple sets, meeting the requirements of customers for large processing capacity. If you have any needs, please call the WINNER technical consultation hotline +8613375745380!


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