Environmental Protection Technology Measures in Rock Crushing Production Line

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-02-27

For large-scale rock crushing production line with a handling capacity of more than 500t / h, the stones extracted from the mountain fields generally require at least three levels of crushing and three levels of screening, the gravel and sand can be graded to meet the requirements.


In the process of crushing and screening the rock, in order to ensure the quality of the finished aggregate and sand and reduce the processing cost, there are generally dry-process production and wet production or a combination of two processes according to the different raw materials' characteristics and scale.


Environmental Protection Technology Measures in Rock Crushing


Dry sieving will produce a lot of dust, wet sieving will have a lot of sewage needs to be processed. Therefore, in order to control and reduce the environment pollution of production, we should control the selection of crushing equipment and process design at first, secondly, we also need to conduct a detailed environmental design and propose technical measures and management measures to meet environmental requirements for construction and operation management.


Crushing equipment selection and technical design of environmental protection measures:


We should select the crusher under the premise of meeting the crushing ratio determined by the process, similar crushing equipment try to choose low center of gravity, small rotor or spoke plate movement range, excellent protection of the crushing equipment, so the noise can be controlled to a minimum from the source.


On the basis of ensuring the screening efficiency, the vibrating screen can choose the polyurethane screen mesh with good damping effect as far as possible.


In the system planning stage, we must proceed from the concept of environmental protection, crushing and screening workshop try to choose in the concave area, to avoid dust and noise diffusion.


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