For efficient dehydration and classification in the coal and ore industries, it is right to select the multi-frequency screen-Y

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-06-10

WINNER multi-frequency screen-Y is widely used in coal industry, ore industry classification, dehydration, de-intermediation work.

On the basis of Austrian technology, the multi-frequency screen-Y divides the dehydration and de-intermediation screen into two sections, with a unique design concept and a compact structure. Through the difference between the front and rear sections, the material is layered, distributed and turned twice, so that the small particles mixed in the material group can get rid of the inert pursuit of the bulk material, and realize dehydration, de-intermediation and classification. Wait for the job.


1. The combined structure design technology of multiple independent screening units enables the amplitude and frequency of each screen segment to be controlled, and the frequency conversion and amplitude can be adjusted as needed, thereby realizing the complex-frequency linear vibration trajectory of the screen surface, improving the screening quality and efficiency. efficiency.

2. The multi-frequency sieve-Y realizes light weight. The weight of the traditional 3673 linear screen is about 18 tons, and the multi-frequency screen-Y is composed of two 8-ton 3636 linear screens at the front and rear, which greatly reduces the working strength of the screen itself and the working strength of the exciter.

3. High screening efficiency. The same screen can improve the efficiency by more than 7%.

4. Split design, single-point dynamic and static load are reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional vibrating screen, and the equipment stability is better.

5. Laser cutting and cutting, intelligent welding robot hand welding, high frequency aging treatment, etc., the product quality is more reliable.

6. Polyurea coating is sprayed on all the places in contact with materials, and the product has a longer shelf life.

7. It is easy to operate, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving production efficiency. Lower noise improves the working environment for workers.

8. The system is more intelligent. It can realize one-key startup, status monitoring, report statistics, system diagnosis, etc. Supporting cloud monitoring system, 360-degree rotation + 30x zoom function, to ensure that the central control operator can clearly see the equipment operating conditions in various environments at any time. The actual production site of the production line is integrated with the monitoring system, providing customers with a complete cloud monitoring database to make correct and timely decisions.

Two 5 million ton coal preparation plants of a customer in Inner Mongolia selected the multi-frequency screen-Y, which has been running well so far.

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