How to Produce High Quality Sand?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-05-30

Production of high-quality sand needs to use a lot of equipment, not only need sand making equipment, but also need other machines, Materials supply, transportation, screening, cleaning and other processes require related equipment to carry out auxiliary production. Only in this way can they be efficient, high energy and high yield.


sand making equipment


The production of sand is generally produced by a whole production line, which can increases production capacity. A variety of equipment is incorporated into the production line, namely the feeder, crusher, sand making equipment, conveyor, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and other equipments, these devices can also be deployed according to different needs. Feeder provide raw materials in the entire production line, crusher block the bulk materials for the initial broken, and then sent into the sand making equipment by the conveyor for crushing and further processing. And then the material is sent to vibrating screen by belt conveyor, and sieve the finished product. These materials are sent by the belt to the sand washing equipment for dust cleaning work. Unqualified product is then sent back to the sand machine for broken until qualified. So a production line needs the combination of each device to produce high-quality sand.


Sand making machine is a equipment which broken materials by impact force, sand making machine is the core of the rotor, crushing parts such as hammer heads mounted on the rotor. These parts collide with material for a long time, easy to wear, so the equipment to do anti abrasion measures is very important, it can increase the service life of the equipment, bring more economic benefits to users.


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