How much do you know about sand and gravel aggregate processing equipment

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-09-22

At present, the cost of natural sand mining is getting higher and higher. After years of continuous mining, natural sand resources are rapidly decreasing. In some areas, natural sand has been depleted or nearly depleted. In some areas and rivers, mining is strictly prohibited in order to maintain natural landscapes, protect river embankments and dams, and protect ecological balance. Due to these reasons, the cost of natural sand is getting higher and higher, while its profit is getting lower and lower, and the market is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, machine-made sand is becoming more and more popular in the market, and the market share is also getting higher and higher.

Machine-made sand refers to sand processed by sand making machines and other auxiliary equipment. The finished products are more regular, and can be processed into sand of different rules and sizes according to different process requirements, which can better meet daily needs. Machine-made sand requires professional equipment to produce qualified and applicable sand. The common configuration equipment of general sand and gravel production lines mainly include feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, belt conveyor, screening equipment, etc. WINNER can carry out different types of equipment according to the specific production needs of users. configuration.

Main configuration equipment introduction:、

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Feeder: used to feed the primary crushing equipment. This equipment has a large processing capacity and strong impact resistance. Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jaw crusher: mainly for primary crushing operations. The equipment has the advantages of high output, large feeding particle size, large crushing ratio, low wear and so on.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Impact crusher: mainly used for secondary medium and fine crushing operations. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, good grain shape, low powder content, suitable for various working conditions, convenient maintenance, low operating cost and long service life of refractory materials.

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Sand making machine: WRC series double-chamber rotor high-efficiency vertical shaft sand making machine of WINNER Co., Ltd. utilizes the principle of stone-beating, which has less wear on the equipment, high crushing rate, and has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding. Hammer crushers, roller crushers, rod mills and other traditional equipment have become mainstream equipment in the sand making industry.

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Belt Conveyor: According to the process requirements, it can be conveyed by a single unit or a combination of multiple units, or it can be combined with other equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the needs of different layouts of the operation line, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. 

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Screening equipment: The screening equipment plays the role of filtering and screening in the sand and gravel production line. WINNER Co., Ltd. closely follows the development and changes of the industry and builds the WFPS-X compound frequency screen for sand and gravel aggregate. All the inlet and outlet of the equipment and other related equipment are statically sealed, directly and rigidly connected, and there is no dust overflow point. It has strong It adopts multi-stage sieve surface independent vibration, forced stratification, projectile motion, thin-layer sieving, and the looseness coefficient is increased by 1.3 times, so that the probability of material contacting the sieve hole increases, and the screening efficiency can be increased by about 15%; equipped with PLC control The system, on-site manual and remote control of the start and stop of the entire equipment, bearing temperature detection and automatic oil injection system are displayed on the PLC touch screen at the same time to realize the intelligent mode of the product.

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