How to improve the screening efficiency

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-06-05

In the production process, users often mention that the vibrating screen can not reach the predetermined screening efficiency. And the screening efficiency will have an important impact on the output of the entire production line. So how to effectively improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen? With years of R&D and production experience, Winner has summarized the following measures to improve the screening efficiency, and hope to help everyone!
1. Choose the right type of screen
Although the screening effect mainly depends on the nature of the material being screened, different types of equipment should be selected for different uses, such as:
(1) Pre-screening and screening materials are recommended to use a Composite frequency screen;
(2) It is recommended to use a Composite frequency screen to classify the crushed materials;
(3) It is recommended to use a linear vibrating screen for dehydration;
(4) For sand cleaning and desilting of materials, it is better to use high amplitude screen.


Composite frequency screen

2. Use suitable screen panel
The screen panel is an important part of the screening equipment. When the screen vibrates, the materials pass through the screen panel of different geometric shapes and sizes, and under the action of external force, the materials of different particle sizes are separated to achieve the purpose of classification. Different materials and different places should use different screen panels to achieve a better screening effect.


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