How to maintain the screening equipment in winter

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-11-27

In the winter, the low temperature has a great impact on the operation of mechanical equipment. If the screening equipment works under cold temperatures for a long time, some "small problems" may occur, which will affect the accuracy and efficiency of screening. In order to extend the life of the screening equipment and ensure that the screening accuracy and screening efficiency of the screening equipment are not affected, necessary maintenance measures need to be taken. Today, Winner group recommends some methods for the cold maintenance of screening equipment.
1. In case of snowy weather or strong winds above level 6, the operation shall be stopped and the operation shall not be forced.
2. Before the temperature is below zero, the lubricant should be replaced with a low-temperature resistant grease that can meet the normal operation of the equipment.
3. Wind and snow protection measures must be taken on site. The machine should be inspected and warmed up daily before work.
4, the weather is cold, rubber seals are easy to crack, regular inspections to avoid material leakage.
5. A special person should be responsible for cleaning up the water, ice crystal deposits, and debris on the equipment site to ensure that there is no water and ice on the work site.
6. To improve the bearing condition of the bearing, a rubber plate of appropriate thickness can be added between the bearing block and the support frame to improve the support flexibility of the bearing block. Because the rubber plate is added, the support flexibility is increased, so that a part of the vibration force is absorbed, the bearing condition of the bearing is improved, and the purpose of extending the service life is achieved.
7. Clean and lubricate the transmission part, clean and lubricate the gears, bearings, guide rods, etc., and seal the surface.
8. Regularly arrange the electrical parts, clean up dust and protect from moisture.
9. Periodically check the equipment when not in use, and solve the problem in time.


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