Introduction of WFPS-L series compound frequency screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-10-14

WFPS-L series multiple frequency sieve is mainly for the screening of fine granular materials. It is divided into the main by multi-layer sieve. The sieve hole is generally set to 20/10/5/3/2.36/1.2/1/0.8/0.63/0.5 ( Determined according to process requirements), using high vibration frequency and self-cleaning screen surface to complete the screening process of materials. The screen surface adopts a large curved screen surface structure, which increases the utilization rate of the screen surface and the probability of material contacting the screen surface. High efficiency, adopting a new type of shaft pin structure to realize rapid disassembly of the screen. In addition, according to the characteristics of the materials, the screen beam structure is reasonably arranged, which reduces the overall height of the equipment, reduces the energy consumption of the equipment, reduces the impact of the equipment on the foundation, and saves the customer's infrastructure cost.

Structural features:

1. Using multi-layered screens, compact structure and advanced technology, a single screen can divide the material into multiple particle sizes;

2. The screens are fixed by front and rear tensioning, and the screens can be easily replaced from the front and rear doors, which is convenient for maintenance;

3. The damping spring is installed in an inclined manner, which can reduce the impact force of the equipment on the foundation;

4. The screen body is wrapped by the outer box to prevent dust from leaking out, environmental protection and energy saving;

5. The outer box can be wrapped with rock wool as required to maintain the temperature of the material and expand the environmental conditions of the vibrating screen.

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