Introduction of Winner Group ’s waste lithium battery recycling and resource utilization system

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-05-10

The waste lithium battery recycling and resource utilization system developed by Winner Group has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It can disassemble, sort and indiscriminate the power lithium batteries of different natures to obtain copper. Metal materials such as aluminum, lithium, nickel, and cobalt, and completely separate non-metallic materials such as carbon powder and separator paper for recycling.


waste lithium battery recycling


The system uses physical methods (including material grading screening, continuous solid medium discharge, intelligent grabbing, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, wind selection, eddy current sorting, gravity separation, copper-aluminum weathering separation technology and pulse dust removal). And other technical means) and chemical methods (including chemical photo catalytic decomposition technology, spray absorption technology, precious metal wet extraction and electrochemical purification technology) iron battery, separator paper, active material, copper-aluminum current collector, etc. Effective separation was carried out with an iron separation of 99%, an active material of 97%, a copper-aluminum current collector of 98%, and a copper and aluminum separation of 99%.

The seven key technologies ensure greater utilization of resources:

(1) Rapid release technology of residual battery power. 

(2) Crusher combined rotor technology. 

(3) Wind separation and diaphragm paper technology. 

(4) Copper and aluminum separation technology. 

(5) Purification of harmful gas dust. 

(6) Separation technology between metal and non-metal materials. 

(7) Key technology for cobalt recovery rate of 99%.

Winner Group is committed to technical research in the field of circular economy, providing complete technical solutions and complete sets of equipment for various solid waste treatment and recycling projects under the circular economy. Interested parties are welcome to come to negotiate and guide!


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