Principle and Usage Precautions of Airflow Vibro Screen Machine

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

Airflow screen to abandon the traditional principle of gravity operation, in a closed state using high-speed air flow as a carrier, so that the full diffusion of powder particles with enough kinetic energy to the sieve mesh, to achieve the purpose of rapid classification. As the shape of the horizontal so it is also called horizontal vibro screen machine.


vibro screen machine


The mesh shape is cylindrical, placed in the body, the material through the screw conveyor system, and air mixing, atomization into the cylinder. Through the cylinder within the wind wheel blades so that the material at the same time by the centrifugal force and cyclonic propulsion, which nearly the material jet through the network, discharged from the fine material discharge, can not be over the net material along the cylinder wall from the coarse material discharge port. The airflow screen has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, non-stick network, not blocking the mesh and fine fineness.



1.Airflow sieve is not suitable for screening with viscosity, water content >5%, flammable, explosive and other materials.

2.The same type of airflow sieve,sieving material mesh is greater, the lower the capacity of the corresponding treatment.

3.The following items shall be specified when ordering: The material name and bulk density,input particle size and water content,capacity,sieve mesh,Screening out the materials size should be accounted for about 85% of the total materials. Airflow vibro screen machine can only filter one mesh of materials, for the same time screening several kinds of mesh material, need more machine to take.


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