Recycling of construction waste

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-09-18

With the continuous increase in national infrastructure construction, the amount of construction waste continues to grow, and the utilization of construction waste has become an industry development trend. Winner’s innovative construction waste treatment system can be applied to solid waste treatment and comprehensive utilization, and is mainly used to solve a series of problems such as low utilization rate of construction waste and low added value.

construction waste treatment system

Construction waste resource treatment system, including brick-concrete separation system, crushing and screening system, light material sorting system, mortar stripping system, transportation and dust removal supporting facilities, etc. It can crush and screen concrete fragments, asphalt blocks, bricks, stones, wood, plastics, plaster, mortar, etc.


The advantages of the construction waste recycling system are reflected in the following aspects:

1. It uses brick-concrete separation equipment to initially separate the construction waste materials from brick-concrete.

2. It uses mortar treatment equipment to remove the bonded mortar on the surface of the stone.

3. It uses winnowing equipment to remove wood, paper, plastic, dust and other light materials from the crushed and screened construction waste.

4. Good sorting effect and many sorting types. The construction waste can be sorted into fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, combustibles, metals and other different types. And it can also increase the sorting types according to actual needs, and at the same time it has a good sorting efficiency which can reach more than 95%.

5. High intelligence. The production line can be automated, intelligent, and unmanned production.

Among the final products processed by the construction waste treatment system, the higher added value is concrete aggregate, which can be used to make low-grade concrete or continue to be used for sand making, realizing the resource utilization of construction waste.


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