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Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-07-19

Since the implementation of the steel production restriction policy, the predicament of insufficient iron and steel has become increasingly serious. Since 2016, the state has banned steel strips, resulting in oversupply of scrap resources, prices have plummeted, and scrap stocks have risen nearly 60 million tons in a short period of time. The current situation of high-inventory scrap steel has created conditions for steel companies to increase production capacity. How to improve converter scrap ratio has become a technical problem for steel companies to compete.


scrap ratio


By reducing the amount of slag in the molten iron, the residue retention operation, the slag smelting and the lowering of the tapping temperature, the converter smelting scrap ratio can be increased to 15%. Based on the calculation of the converter material balance and heat balance, the furnace is Adding coke powder and silicon carbide balls to heat up, the ratio of converter scrap can reach 28%. In order to further improve the converter scrap ratio, Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd. specially developed a continuous scrap preheating feeding system for a metallurgical company in Hubei, heating the scrap steel to 800 °C, increasing the physical heat of scrap steel, in the iron consumption production mode, converter scrap The ratio can reach 28%.


At present, the main factor restricting the increase of scrap ratio is the lack of heat in the converter. Increasing the physical heat of scrap is an effective way to increase the scrap ratio of the refining furnace.


The continuous hot charging system of the electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system developed by winner has started to preheat the scrap steel from the feeding section to the preheating section through the gas (depending on the gas supplied by the steel mill and the high converter gas) to improve the heat energy utilization rate. Heating efficiency, by controlling the amount of gas added and the transmission speed, effectively control the heating capacity of scrap steel to match the production of rotary, high and refining furnaces.


By using the WINNER electromagnetic direct injection heat exchange system scrap preheating system, a metallurgical company in Hubei has increased from the original 15% scrap ratio to 28 percent. Greatly improve production efficiency and significant economic benefits.


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