Social Benefit Analysis of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-12-25

According to the actual situation and adjacent conditions of the project, the social benefits of construction and demolition waste recycling project are reflected in:


construction and demolition waste recycling project


1. Providing necessary economic support for the local cities. At the meanwhile, C&D waste recycling can also make the reasonable use of urban land resources and human resource to realize the efficient utilization of limited resource and promote the sustainable, healthy and harmonious development of social economy.


2. Reducing the production cost, increasing the utilization of construction waste (almost 90%), saving a large amount of land, promoting the environmental construction, and improving the economic benefit which fits the circular economy pattern and make a comprehensive utilization of the limited resources effectively,


3. Increasing employment opportunities. The C&D waste recycling project can also drive the development of other related industries and create a certain amount of jobs, which plays a certain role of improving social stability and people’s living standards.


4. Promoting the development of urban infrastructure and residential buildings, reducing the cost of construction and operating maintenance costs.


5. Promoting the development of logistics industry and increasing the kinds and quantity of carriage of goods.


6. The contribution of financial tax.


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