Stale waste treatment

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-21

Since the 1970s, The world has gradually began to use landfill methods to dispose of municipal solid waste. Up to now, landfill has become the main disposal method for urban domestic garbage in China. The amount of municipal solid waste disposed of by landfill method accounts for about 70% of the total treatment volume. More large landfills have been built, filling tens of millions of tons of garbage. Because the sanitary landfill method has the characteristics of low investment, simple process, convenient management, wide application range and low maintenance cost, according to China's economic and technological level and the composition of urban domestic garbage, in the future, China's urban domestic waste disposal It will still be one of the important disposal methods.

However, there are some informal landfills. These informal landfills have not taken corresponding protective measures during the operation period. The pollution of water, gas and odor caused by the old garbage is not only for the lives of the surrounding residents. It has caused serious damage and caused damage to groundwater. The rationalization and harmless treatment of stale garbage is imminent.


municipal solid waste


The stale waste treatment system developed by Henan Winner Group can solve the pollution problem of old garbage. The old garbage disposal generally has problems such as large landfill volume, complicated composition and difficult to sort. The Henan winner stale waste treatment system can solve such problems. It can be solved through multi-stage sorting, multi-mode sorting and multi-level sorting. The complex composition of stale garbage can form terminal materials (humic soil, light materials, heavy materials, combustibles, incombustibles, etc.) according to customer needs.


Under the premise of ensuring sorting efficiency, a large amount of stale garbage can be processed at the same time. Meet the customer's on-site processing needs.


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