The Huge Economic Benefits of Dual Frequency Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-04-11

Henan Winner Dual-frequency vibrating Screen is an energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent, high-efficiency, vibratory screen based on the actual needs of customers and the current status of the industry. It brings customers huge economic benefits and solve environmental pollution problems under it process.


Dual-frequency vibrating Screen1

Winner's Dual-frequency vibrating screen adopts a multi-section floating screen structure, the advantages are:

1. The screen body does not vibrate, so the amount of vibration is smaller, it saves energy consumption and costs of infrastructure construction.

2. Fully static seal, this structure makes negative pressure inside the screen body, no vent point, ensuring green production.

3. Using single-layer double-sided sieve plate, the opening rate can reach 40%, and the processing volume is larger than usual screener.


Dual-frequency vibrating Screen2

Hebei Jingye Group adopts the Dual-frequency vibrating screen, screening efficiency grow up to 90%, and the ore returning rate reduce to 3.74%. The annual reduction in the cost of returning fire was approximately 9.5 million yuan, the transfer fee was reduced by RMB 360,000, and the electricity bill was saved by 1.98 million RMB. Reduce oil consumption by more than 700,000 RMB, and reduce costs by 12.54 million RMB.


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