The Most Power-saving Mining Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

1. Segmentation sifting, the screen machine as a whole does not vibrate, only the screen vibration, so less moving parts and power is relatively reduced, reduce the power by half compared to conventional screening equipment, the maximum savings for the user. So it is the most power-saving mining vibrating screen.


2. Larger amplitude and smaller dynamic load, due to the high composite vibrating screen only screen vibration, the screen machine dynamic stress can be reduced to the lowest, greatly enhance the amplitude, improve the screen of the material acceleration, so as to eliminate sticky, plugging mechanism.


mining vibrating screen


3. A variety of self-cleaning sieve, high composite vibrating screen with a variety of anti-blocking screen technology. Whether it is ordinary coal, or wet moisture, lignite or waste rock, washing coal, etc., high composite vibrating screen cannot plug the hole, and maintain a high screening efficiency.


4. Closed structure. High composite vibrating screen with a completely closed structure, making the dust cannot be leaked, so as to meet environmental requirements.


5. Unique PLC control system. Adopt 1-6 motor towage, each motor start time interval is 6-8 seconds, forward turn on, reverse stop to finally reach the goal of the empty car to start. The screen is not stored to facilitate observation and maintenance. So the high composite vibrating screen adopts PLC to control the start, stop, manual and remote control of the whole equipment.


6. Easy maintenance. High amplitude sieve has less vibration components, only the screen mesh and vibrator assembly to participate in vibration, we make it a modular, standardized components, so that the overall replacement fast, ground maintenance, greatly shorten the maintenance time, win more time for safety production.


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