The Situation of Australian Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-06-19

Since Australia stopped burning rubbish in the mid-20th century, must of the solid waste has been buried. About 20 million tons of garbage has been entered into landfill each year. Although all landfills are approved by the local council, landfills in many areas do not  meet the requirements.

The main trends in commercial waste disposal are separation of food and organic matter collection, which can be used as an alternative to waste disposal when taxes and subsidies increase.


solid waste


Most of Australia's landfill sites are concentrated in a small number of large landfills.But the real problem is that Australia's small landfills, which are not documented by national data, are poorly regulated but potentially dangerous.

Australia, the world's second-largest garbage producer, produces an average of 1.1 tons of waste per person per year, equivalent to 3.4 kilograms per day.Most of this waste is solid waste, including extremely difficult plastic and electronic waste.Most of the rubbish is sent to China.


waste disposal


In the past, the state of Victoria exported most of its recyclable waste to China, where it was processed and then used as fuel for Chinese factories.But since 2017, China has banned the import of foreign plastics and mixed paper waste to protect the country's environment and people's health.China's ban is a major blow to Australia's waste management.The "foreign trash" ban is like a sudden storm that has hit Australia's recycling industry.It is estimated that the ban will leave Australia with an average of 619,000 tonnes of waste each year, worth 523 million Australian dollars, with nowhere to go.

Butterfly effect continues, now, Victoria's garbage collection has been on the brink of collapse, as China's "foreign garbage" ban started, city hall had to store millions of tons of garbage or dumping in landfills. Several town halls have canceled recycling contracts, and the problem will soon spread across the country, with all city halls and taxpayers facing huge waste costs in the future.


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