The factors of affecting the operation of linear dewatering screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-05-02

1. Material properties

(1) Material density

Bulk materials with large bulk density are easy to penetrate through the sieve and have higher screening efficiency. Conversely, materials with loose bulk and powdery materials are not easily penetrated through the sieve and the screening efficiency is low. The loose density of asphalt mixture is generally about 1.6t/m3. 

(2) Material particle composition

In order to improve the screening efficiency, it is necessary to determine the sieve size of the vibrating sieve when the gradation composition of the sieved material is determined, so that the difficult-screen material (material with a particle size of 0.7 to 1 times the size of the sieve) accounts for the material under the sieve take smallest proportion. 

(3) Relative size of material particle size and sieve pore

The granularity of the mineral material must be strictly controlled within the technical parameters of the equipment, and the difference in the particle size index is too large, which will result in a large production cycle and restrict the quality and processing capacity of the product. The screening probability of the material in the screening process is affected by many factors. The most important and self-influencing factor is the relative size of the material particle size and the mesh size. 

linear dewatering screen

2. Screen surface structure parameters

(1) Screen surface length and width

In general, the width of the sieve directly affects the productivity, and the length of the sieve influences the screening efficiency. The screen surface is long, the material stays on the screen surface for a long time, and there are many chances to penetrate the screen, so the screening efficiency of linear dewatering screen is high. In fact, the width of the screen surface has different effects on the screening efficiency and the screen length. The general aspect ratio is 1:2 to 1:3.

(2) Mesh shape and size

The choice of mesh shape mainly depends on the particle size of the screening product and the requirements for the use of the sieve in the lower product. Compared with other shapes of mesh openings, circular sieve meshes have smaller nominal thicknesses when they pass through a circular mesh sieve.


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