The installation requirements of jaw crusher

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-20

Jaw crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, construction , highway, railway, water conservancy and ceramics industries, to crush various stones and ores into small and medium size. So, what are the requirements for installing a jaw crusher?


jaw crusher

1. the working site shall not be open air and shall be protected from rain.
2. The motor must be installed at the rear of the crusher. The direction of rotation should be in the required direction and must not be reversed.
3. The machine should be fastened on the concrete foundation, and the foundation should have a discharge groove, with the slope angle of over 40°. The foundation terrain can be determined by the user according to the handling materials and transportation equipment.
4. Before adjusting the discharge outlet, loosen the return spring first, and then tighten it after adjustment. The tension of the spring is to minimize the noise between the toggle plate and the bracket, and ensure the toggle plate not fall off during running.
5. Make sure that all connecting screws are tightened before test run.
6. Make sure that all moving parts are well lubricated before test run.
7. Before carrying out the unloaded test run, first move the belt pully manually to ensure rotation is not hindered. Within two hours of the test run, there should be no impact, swing of the pulley and looseness between the shafts, etc., and the temperature of the bearing should not exceed 35 °. If the above faults happens, stop immediately for maintenance.
8. The loaded test shall last ten hours. Only if no fault occurs and the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 ° C, it can be put into production.
9. Due to the large vibration force during working, it is recommended to install the machine on concrete foundation. In order to reduce vibration strength and noise, absorb vibration, and reduce the impact of vibration on the foundation, hardwood pads, rubber, or other vibration-damping materials should be put between the crusher and the foundation.


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