WINNER WRC series sand making machine, let’s find out

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-08-20

With the rapid development of society and the continuous increase in demand for sand and gravel, and the continuous optimization and updating of existing sand making equipment, the sand making production line is gradually complete. However, as the market continues to heat up, some production problems have also emerged, such as outdated sand making equipment, serious waste of resources, and sand grading that does not meet national standards, which have brought great problems to the rapid development of the sand and gravel industry. Big obstacle.
The WRC series sand making machine independently developed by Henan Winner Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is the result of technological innovation combining the shortcomings of domestic and foreign products. It is designed on the basis of traditional impact crushers and combined with European and American advanced technology. The WRC series sand making machine overcomes the design defects of traditional impact crushers, and provides customers with a more reasonable structure, no clogging, high sand production rate, significantly lower abrasion, easy and fast replacement of vulnerable parts, and easy maintenance. Machine.
WRC series sand making machine is suitable for crushing sand making of medium hardness and hard materials. It is widely used in the fine crushing of various ore, cement, refractory materials, emery, bauxite, glass raw materials, machine-made construction sand and gravel materials and various metallurgical slags. , Especially for high-hard, extra-hard and corrosion-resistant materials such as silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, and magnesia, it has higher output efficiency than other types of sand making machines.
Has the following characteristics:
1. The use of the new double-chamber rotor crusher can provide better solutions for various types of stones of different qualities and meet the crushing requirements of different sizes.
2. Easy to use and replace the wear-resistant liner, hydraulic rotary open-type upper cover: The upper cover can be moved quickly through the hydraulic lifting device, making daily maintenance and replacement of the wear-resistant liner easier and faster.
3. The automatic circulation lubricating oil system is equipped with a lubricating oil monitoring system to ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment without the daily maintenance and inspection work required by the dry oil lubrication system.
4. Install anti-vibration device; vibration control system, if it encounters huge vibration, the vibration monitoring system will automatically shut down the crusher to protect the equipment in case of abnormal operation of the machine.
5. The quality of the whole equipment is stable and reliable, the processing capacity is large, the failure rate is low, the sealing is environmentally friendly, and it meets the needs of customers.
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