WYPG Series Quantitative Disc Feeder

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-11-13

WYPG series quantitative disc feeder is a kind of continuous feeding volumetric feeding equipment independently designed and developed by Winner Group. This series of disc feeders are suitable for all kinds of non viscous, powder and small pieces of materials with poor fluidity.
WYPG series quantitative disc feeder is compact in design, convenient in adjustment, low in noise and reliable in use, which conforms to the green and environmental protection production concept of Weimeng. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, thermal power, chemical industry, coal, building materials and other industries, it is one of the key equipment in the continuous production process.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.
1. Hard tooth surface reducer is adopted. The reducer is relatively independent from the rotating disc, and the maintenance is convenient and simple without emptying the silo, sleeve and disc.
2. The sleeve is not easy to block and hang material, so that the material can be discharged smoothly.
3. A novel adjustable material layer control gate is adopted, which can easily set the feeding amount, and the adjustment is convenient and the range is wide. The scraper device with adjustable angle can transfer and unload the material to the next equipment and play a certain guiding role for the material.
4. Large diameter slewing bearing structure is adopted, which requires large bearing capacity, anti overturning moment, small resistance, stable operation, large bin pressure, fully enclosed structure, and preventing foreign matters from entering the lubricating part.
5. The independent lubrication system lubricates the slewing bearing and transmission gear to ensure the smooth operation of the disc.
6. The discharging is smooth without leakage and scattering. The dust cleaning device under the disc can realize automatic cleaning.
7. The packing method is designed as abrasive material, which has the advantages of long service life, low operation cost and convenient maintenance.


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