Waste incineration is not as good as recycling

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-04-10

At present, domestic and foreign attitudes towards waste incineration for power generation are similar:Through incineration, the volume of garbage can be solved to a large extent, and problems such as landfills and garbage siege can be solved.
However, more and more people realize that garbage is also a resource. Once burned, it will not only cause pollution, but also waste resources. Resources are limited. We even advocate garbage classification and recycling.

Nowadays, there are more and more garbage sorting devices, which can be said to be various. For example, various intelligent waste sorting and recycling machines installed in some residential districts in the urban area of Hefei recycle metal, plastic, cans, paper, textiles, glass, hazardous waste (batteries, waste lamps, pesticide bottles, etc.). With its own weighing function, in addition to glass and hazardous materials, other garbage is paid for recycling, and the price changes with market conditions. At first, this really attracted the goodwill and participation of a large number of residents. The classification work was carried out with color and sound, and many residents responded in coordination. However, due to various reasons, the "fire" has been greatly reduced in a short period of time, causing the entire chain to halt and become paralyzed. The classification can only be in the form, and then it is mixed and sent to the incineration plant and burned.

The domestic waste intelligent sorting equipment of Winner can well solve the problem of garbage sorting that makes people "talk about tiger color". It aims at various components and humidity in domestic garbage, and can perform automatic waste classification with high efficiency and high purity of the separated components.


garbage sorting

The use of Winner domestic garbage intelligent sorting equipment not only improves the quality of incinerated waste in the current waste incineration plant and improves the efficiency of incineration, but also provides raw materials for the recycling industry, recycles them, and makes them resourceless,harmless and reduction.



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