Wet and sticky material screening tool-multi-frequency sieve-Y

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-09-29

Multi-frequency screen-Y is widely used in classification, dehydration, de-intermediation, and de-sliming operations in various industries. The machine is composed of multiple screening units, each vibrating independently, each screening unit is driven by an independent vibration source, and the independent screening unit adopts an adjustable equal-thickness structure.

Technical characteristics

   (1) The combination technology of multiple independent screening units and the design technology of each independent screening structure lay the foundation for precise control of the screening process and improvement of screening quality;

   (2) The excitation force control technology of each independent screening unit enables the amplitude and frequency of each screen section to be accurately controlled, and the screening quality and efficiency are improved;

   (3) The equal-thickness structure technology of each independent screening unit realizes uniform distribution of materials, increases the probability of materials contacting and penetrating the screen surface, and improves screening efficiency;

    (4) Each independent screening unit adopts an independent vibration source, which can realize frequency modulation and amplitude modulation, frequency conversion amplitude and variable trajectory control: according to the different working conditions such as the size of the material processing capacity, particle size composition, and water content on site, the upper and lower layers can be accurately controlled The free adjustment of high frequency and low amplitude, low frequency and high amplitude of the section screen surface and the mutual conversion of circular motion and linear motion change the vibration mode of the traditional screening equipment with the same vibration source, the same amplitude and the same frequency.

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