Winner Group has resumed production and work while preventing epidemics

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-03-06

Since the outbreak of the NCP, Winner Group responded to the epidemic order in a timely manner and actively fulfilled its responsibility for prevention and control. According to the requirements of the “Notice on Resuming Production and Resumption of Industrial Enterprises during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period”, the company truthfully and accurately reported relevant information of all employees to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters on February 9 and postponed the return of employees from key epidemic areas; , Disinfection supplies, thermometers, garbage collection and storage equipment prevention and control supplies; formulate emergency plans to report epidemic prevention and control work; formulate employee meals, accommodation safety measures, etc., and successfully pass the review of resumption.


Winner Group

 Prevention and control of the NCP should be strengthened, and the company's business development should continue. A few days ago, the company resumed the orderly operation and production order. The marketing team held a marketing lecture in the morning and afternoon each day. The online learning atmosphere was strong, and all parties improved their business skills to store capacity for future business. The production team piloted the central processing system for joint work Mechanism, practice intelligent manufacturing, continuously improve production efficiency, and maintain normal production order; the R & D team and the installation team jointly guarantee that the team solves the urgent needs of customers through point-to-point direct access to customers, and realizes customer benefits.

Winner believes that by strengthening internal causes, giving full play to subjective initiative, while relying on external forces, relying on policy support, professional services, and exerting the synergistic effect of internal and external causes, it is confident to respond to epidemic crisis and has the ability to turn crisis into opportunity.



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