Winner composite frequency vibrating screen shines again

Author: Winner   Time: 2023-12-01

Speaking of the WFPS series of composite frequency vibrating screen , I believe that the majority of users will definitely think of Winner Group.

This series of composite frequency vibrating screen  is a patented product of Winner (patent number: ZL201621281239.1), which is suitable for the solvent screening system of iron and steel enterprises (sintering in the metallurgical industry,  blast furnace trough, coking, raw materials plants, etc.) and sand in the construction industry stone aggregate system, etc. It changes the structure that the screen surface of the traditional screen vibrates together with the screen box. It adopts a movement mode in which multiple independent screen surfaces vibrate and the screen box and the frame do not vibrate. From the inlet to the discharge end, the multiple screen surfaces vibrate independently. It can be adjusted according to the site material particle size distribution and the amount of material, and the amplitude and vibration frequency of each screen surface can be adjusted to achieve a better combination of processing capacity and screening efficiency. Because the composite frequency vibrating screen box does not participate in vibration, it is easier to achieve a fully enclosed structure, so that dust does not leak out, and meet higher environmental protection requirements.

Recently, after Winner used composite frequency vibrating screen to transform a 3 # sintering line in a steel plant, customers gave high praise and approval. Immediately, the 1 # and 2 # sintering lines were renovated, and in the industrial upgrade 2x550㎡ sintering project, the design of the Winner composite frequency vibrating screen was unanimously selected with the design institute.


Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

The composite frequency vibrating screen has been put into operation, and customers are very satisfied with the operating indicators. This result has attracted a number of inspections and evaluations by a large enterprise, and has also given a very high evaluation. Both parties are in friendly consultations on the project.



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