The Advantages of Hydraulic Drive Crawler Type Mobile Crusher

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

1. Light weight, small volume and suitable for narrow site.

2. Convenient to transport and wide application. Crawler unit never damage the road.

3. It's a complex and multifunctional production with diesel engine, electromotor and hydraulic drive into one set. It has compact structure and different size for choice.

4. The crawler type mobile crusher uses all-wheel drive, can achieve pivot steering and has perfect safety protection function.


crawler type mobile crusher


5. The economical rate of fuel oil is 25% more than other product.

6. The crawler type mobile crusher has its own power unit, which can achieve optimum design.

7. This kind of equipment can climb, which can meet the different requirements of mining, hydropower station, coal industry and other engineering.


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