Application advantages of ultrasonic high energy screening filter in coatings industry

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-09-24

Ultrasonic high-energy screening filter is applied to the filter by ultrasonic technology and superimposed on the processor by ultrasonic generator to solve the phenomenon of mesh clogging. Through years of experiments, the machine is well applied to high-precision, high-demand industries such as coatings, pharmaceuticals, APIs, intermediates, and chemicals. Ultrasonic high-energy filter sieving machine is embodied in high technical requirements and has a better effect in the production process of paint filtration and screening. Therefore, it has become one of the main reasons for the major equipment in the coatings industry.


Ultrasonic high-energy screening filter


The ultrasonic high-energy screening filter not only saves a lot of manual labor, but also greatly improves work efficiency. Its main advantages are reflected in the following aspects:


1.The matching performance of the system will not make the operating temperature higher, especially for materials that require temperature control; comes with a cleaning system, can achieve online cleaning, continuous work, to achieve non-differential feeding, continuous production;    

3.automatic slagging function, reduce the labor intensity of workers, the mesh is not blocked, improve the yield, reduce the production cost of the enterprise;   

4.does not change the characteristics of the material;    

5.It is not necessary to add mechanical anti-blocking net device to extend the service life of the screen;    

6.Applicable to 40---635 mesh, especially for materials with more than 100 mesh, high specific gravity and high viscosity;    

7.The processing accuracy can be increased by 1% to 70%, the output can be increased by 10 times;    

8.high processing accuracy, solve the problem of strong adsorption capacity, easy agglomeration, high static, high density, high viscosity.


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