Automatic Garbage Sorting Machine

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-10-23

The automatic garbage sorting machine is a processing system integrating crushing, screening, magnetic separation and air selection. It is designed by our company for townships, scenic spots, communities, garbage transfer stations, vegetable markets, etc. The process capacity is 10t/d to 100t/d. After sorting machine, it can be sorted out five categories: residue, organic matter, plastic, heavy material and iron products. According to the specific requirements of customers, we can produce a garbage sorting machine that meets the customer's requirements, realize waste reduction, harmless and resource treatment.


garbage sorting machine


Through the hopper, the material is transported to the bag breaking machine through the belt conveyor for bag breaking. The bagged garbage is dispersed and the broken garbage is transported into the drum screen through the belt conveyor. The material under the screen is selected by magnetic separators for external sale, and other material under the screen is exported through the belt conveyor for composting. The material on the screen is transported through the belt conveyor for air selection, and the plastics, heavy materials and organic matters are sorted out. The plastic is packaged for shipment or for sale, and the organic material can be processed by fertilizer.

This waste sorting machine has the following advantages:

1.Small area, low construction cost;

2.Fully enclosed work will not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment;

3.Applicable to a wide range of domestic waste treatment sites;

4.Continuous and uninterrupted operation can be achieved;

5.Fully functional, easy to operate and install.

Winner Group mainly produces municipal waste treatment system, household waste fertilizer system, automatic waste sorting machine, waste fertilizer integrated machine. All kinds of domestic waste treatment equipment are widely used in waste incineration power plants, integrated treatment plants and other projects.



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