The measures to deal with the spread of plastic waste in India

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-10-17

Plastic waste proliferation has become a serious question in India. India government has been making efforts to do effectively and scientifically waste treatment.It is reported that the capital New Delhi produces 689 tons of plastic waste every day, while the entire India produces nearly 26,000 tons of plastic waste a day, at least 40% of which are not recycled. 

The main reason for the proliferation of plastic waste is the rapid growth in production and consumption of plastic products. India consumes 13 million tons of plastic every year and produces 9 million tons of plastic waste. It is estimated that the consumption of plastic will rise to 20 million tons by 2020.


recycling of plastic waste


The Indian government is actively seeking ways to solve plastic waste. New Delhi has banned the use of plastic bottles since 2009 and plans to gradually expand to all plastic products, but the ban is not satisfactory. At present, the Indian government continues to increase publicity efforts to change the living habits of people using plastic products.In addition, India has increased the recycling of plastic waste, such as plastic waste for road construction, power generation, clothing and so on. The New Delhi government has established three waste-to-energy plants to dispose of waste such as plastic waste.

Despite this, the recycling of plastic waste is far behind the speed of consumption. According to the report, about 96% of India's plastic waste is recyclable, but almost no one sorts the garbage in the family. Most of these plastic wastes eventually enter unauthorized dumping sites, or are scattered on the streets, eventually blocking sewers, polluting water bodies and soil, and even being consumed by animals and entering people's food chains.


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